[Bf-committers] Google Summer of Code 2009

Mathias Panzenböck grosser.meister.morti at gmx.net
Fri Jan 9 03:32:52 CET 2009

A GSoC Idea just came to my mind. I don't know if this is feasible or even
worked on:

Node Plugin Loading
Change node-identifiers from #defined integers to strings, register nodes in a
hashtable and make nodes loadable from .dll/.so files.

I probably won't have time to do that... but maybe I would do it anyway, if you
(blender developers) think it's a good idea and nobody else is working on it.
(But not during the semester.)
I think that way we would get a lot of new nodes that everyone can test/use,
because you won't need to apply a patch and build a custom blender any more.
Also I think this will reduce conflicts between new nodes. Currently everyone
who writes a new node uses the next unused integer as the id. If two people make
a patch for a new node at the same time there will be a conflict.
Of course a naming conventions to prevent conflicts will have to be introduced.
Maybe like java packages (com.example....) or like xml namespaces

I think more input value types that automatically get nice widgets assigned
should also be possible. Like some kind of combobox (menu) that maps names
(whats displayed) to function pointers (this *might* improve the performance of
the math node(s)) or object, mesh and texture inputs (text fields for the
objects name) etc. This all has to be documented (in the wiki?) so that plugin
developers will find the information they need.

Another GSoC idea: Profiling blender with gprof and papiex[1] (or similar tools)
to detect hotspots and optimize them. This actually could be done every year,
because of the fast speed of blenders development and the steady growth of new
features. :)


[1] http://icl.cs.utk.edu/~mucci/papiex/

Chris Want schrieb:
> Malcolm Humphreys wrote:
>> I don't have wiki developer permissions ( as I don't develop blender :) ).
>> If the project is deemed as worthy can someone add the following:
>> =Node Compositor=
>> * Add an OpenFX (http://openfx.sourceforge.net/) plugin host to 
>> blender's compositor to allow the use of any OFX effects plug-in within 
>> a compositor node tree.
>> I'm not sure how the two software licenses would play together. But if 
>> they do I think being able to load OFX plugins inside blender could 
>> potentially be a very good thing.
> Added, thanks (the license is BSD, which is indeed compatible).
> Cheers,
> Chris

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