[Bf-committers] Google Summer of Code 2009

Chris Want cwant at ualberta.ca
Wed Jan 7 20:19:39 CET 2009

Leslie Hawthorne of Google has announced that her team has received some
funding for Summer of Code 2009, but it will probably be less money than
last year (meaning fewer students and fewer organizations involved).
While there are no guarantees that Blender (or any other organization)
will be involved, she has asked that organizations get the word out, and
start the search for would be applicants.

To this end, I've started a first draft of the "Ideas Page" for this
year. Basically, I've removed all of the ideas from last year, and
just put in some bogus placeholders, since the Blender 2.5 refactoring
will probably negate a lot of the ideas from last year. I think that
developers should start adding new ideas for projects to this page
now, and in March we can do a review of the accumulated project
ideas and pare them down to a reasonable set.

I've also added a section called "Requirements for successfully
completing a Summer of Code project", which lists the bare minimum
required to not fail the program. I've also done a small revision of the
application template, mostly to ask the applicant about any previous
work done with our bug/patch tracker.

The link to the new ideas page is here:


The link to last years pages are here:



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