[Bf-committers] Realistic materials question (Farsthary)

javier loureiro derethor at derethor.net
Wed Feb 25 15:36:48 CET 2009

On Wed, 2009-02-25 at 14:53 +0100, Brecht Van Lommel wrote:

> Looking at PBRT you have functions like:
> * f: compute BRDF given in/out vector
> * sample_f: (importance) sample direction for BRDF given one vector

	first, you choose the simple BSDF/BTDF for that hit, and then, it
instances one new (using memory from the pool). Also, it has flags to
know if you have an specular or diffuse event (it is integrated
different), specially if you have dirac functions (like a point light or
a perfect mirror material) where the prob is almost 0.

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