[Bf-committers] BGE API - was 2.49 release proposal

blender at erwincoumans.com blender at erwincoumans.com
Thu Feb 19 18:51:16 CET 2009

If there will be a 2.49 release, I'll try to upgrade BGE to use the latest 
Bullet 2.74 library. Rigid body constraints have improved, and includes 
visualization of constraint limits. This makes it much easier to setup 
ragdolls and such. 

So if the release happens, we all agree that 2.49 won't break the API, so it 
is compatible with the most recent books, such as the 2nd gamekit book? 

It just warns about obsolete BGE python methods, which can be switched off, 
and introduces some new methods under different names. 


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