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Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 06:50:56 CET 2009

Salut Louis.

I asked Ton (Rosendal) about the Blender Institute involvement with
the LGM. He said that even though Blender devs have their own meeting
(Blender Conference) it's always nice to meet other OSS project

Therefore it would depend of who would be attending. If we have some
Blender devs going there it's most likely that we could work something
together. (He even promised some t-shirts and dvds :)

Although I don't think he could make it, I know other blender devs
have attended it in other years. In fact I would like to know who has
plans to go there this year? Someone from Canada, USA, Americas or
over ocean countries?

If the idea is to make use of the immersive projection equipment at
SAT (which is really cool) I'm pretty sure there are plenty of
possible contributions between the Hugin project and the current
work-in-progress implementation of fisheye/dome cameras in Blender
Game Engine. I'm currently coding this (working directly with SAT and
having naturally help from other Blender devs) and he next step is to
think in the offline rendering mode.

If there are other devs interested on that, I think LGM could be used
as a nice place to think together in the possibilities and different
workarounds to extend the modes available in Blender (as we have
already the panoramic - restricted to the  camera lens though [no 360º

It could be valuable to talk with GIMP devs as well to find the way to
implement a real fisheye filter.

For these interesting in this kind of technology, we did some videos
of some tests we ran last week at SAT.
You can find them at vimeo: http://vimeo.com/3170858 and
http://vimeo.com/3170094 .

Anyways, I hope it works well as a reply to an "exploratory email".

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


2009/2/11 Louis Desjardins <louis.desjardins at gmail.com>:
> Hi all,
> This is an exploratory email for all teams participating at LGM. There are
> more questions than answers and everything is in discussion at present time.
> In the end we need the input of each team. Here's the punch!
> I had a very productive discussion with René Barsalo at the SAT on Monday
> about next LGM. Summary:
> For next LGM we could have at least two projects working a full day at SAT:
> Blender and Hugin. The SAT immersive projection equipment would be available
> to both teams for direct work, hacking, presentations, etc.. Starting at
> 11:00 the day would be followed by a LGM "5 to 7" where all the teams would
> gather for a beer.
> So far we have thought of Thursday to be that day. So, second day of LGM.
> We need to know if this would appeal to the development teams of Hugin and
> Blender.
> Although I trust this event can only add to the interest of LGM, and also
> noting that this is in no way competing with Polytechnique's facilities —
> only a big plus to have the SAT in Montreal and to have LGM in Montreal... I
> think we need to find out if there are any objection to this proposal.
> I ask Blender and Hugin people to step in. Guys! Tell us what you think. To
> all other, please do the same! Speak up!
> Cheers!
> Louis
> LGM 2009 main organiser
> Montréal GMT -5
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