[Bf-committers] BGE: FSAA request

patrick patrick at 11h11.com
Mon Feb 9 17:18:52 CET 2009

hi mitchell,

i just compiled blenderplayer on windows (scons, mingw):
usage:   blenderplayer.exe [-w l t w h] -c [-g gamengineoptions] [-s 
stereomode] filename.blend
  -h: Prints this command summary
  -w: display in a window
       l = window left coordinate
       t = window top coordinate
       w = window width
       h = window height
  -f: start game in full screen mode
       fw = full screen mode pixel width
       fh = full screen mode pixel height
       fb = full screen mode bits per pixel
       ff = full screen mode frequency
  -s: start player in stereo
       stereomode: hwpageflip       (Quad buffered shutter glasses)
                   syncdoubling     (Above Below)
                   sidebyside       (Left Right)
                   anaglyph         (Red-Blue glasses)
                   vinterlace       (Vertical interlace for autostereo 
                             depending on the type of stereo you want
  -c: keep console window open
  -d: turn debugging on
  -g: game engine options:

       Name                       Default      Description
       fixedtime                      0         "Enable all frames"
       nomipmap                       0         Disable mipmaps
       show_framerate                 0         Show the frame rate
       show_properties                0         Show debug properties
       show_profile                   0         Show profiling information
       blender_material               0         Enable material settings
       ignore_deprecation_warnings    0         Ignore deprecation warnings

example: blenderplayer.exe -w 10 10 320 200 -g noaudio c:\loadtest.blend
example: blenderplayer.exe -g show_framerate = 0 c:\loadtest.blend

-g noaudio should it be listed under -g. is there any other game engine 
options not listed?

-c is not working, dragging a .blend on blenderplayer.exe open a console 
(with nothing in it) and stay visible. the source is:

#ifdef WIN32
#ifdef NDEBUG
::FreeConsole();    // Close a console window
#endif // NDEBUG
#endif // WIN32

does it means that i need to compile blender with a special flag (like 
someone said that we need to change the compilation flags for the creation 
of the window (scons at least):


is it a good solution?

-f: start game in full screen mode does not seems to work correctly.
blenderplayer.exe -f 640 480 32 10 will create the game in fullscreen but 
with a 8 bits per pixel (well not sure, but not 32). the framerate is 30... 
blenderplayer.exe -f 640 480 32 50 will create the game in fullscreen but 
the framerate is 60. so it looks like the last argument is not really full 
screen mode frequency but also bits per pixel.


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