[Bf-committers] cannot find -lbf_guardedalloc

patrick patrick at 11h11.com
Sun Feb 8 23:43:25 CET 2009

hi all,

sorry if it's not the place to post such error... when trying to compile 
trunk on windows (mingw):
Compiling ==> 'makesdna.c'
Linking program ==> 'makesdna.exe'
c:\MinGW\bin\..\lib\gcc\mingw32\3.4.5\..\..\..\..\mingw32\bin\ld.exe: cannot 
find -lbf_guardedalloc
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
scons: *** [b\source\blender\makesdna\intern\b\makesdna.exe] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.

any idea?

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