[Bf-committers] From Farsthary another anouncement

Brecht Van Lommel brecht at blender.org
Wed Feb 4 08:58:28 CET 2009


It's exciting to see this global illumination development happening. 
I'd just like to stress that it's important to implement this 
correctly, that is identifying which parts of the current shading 
system correspond to which parts of the rendering equation and 
separating those things cleanly. By those parts I mean emit, diffuse 
direct/indirect, specular direct/indirect, brdf, .. .

I would suggest implementing a very simple path tracer for reference 
(and keeping it working), no importance sampling, bidirectional 
tracing, just something very simple that can be verified to be 
correct.  This way photon mapping or whatever or other global 
illumination algorithm that is implemented can be compared to it and 
checked to give correct results. It's easy to miss a multiplication 
somewhere for example and get something that looks pretty much right 
but isn't entirely. If the various parts of the rendering equation are 
well separated into functions it should be possible to implement such 
a path tracer in a few hundred lines of code.


echelon at infomail.upr.edu.cu wrote:
> Hi all!
>   In order to avoid duplicated efforts, and since now there's a good
> chance to implement physically based material types, I want to anounce
> that along with the volumetrics and photon mapper I have started the
> implementation of an unbiased Bidirectional Monte Carlo Path Tracer in
> Render Internal for the most exigent rendering situation when a user
> needs to fully solve the rendring equation.
>   In my site I will soon post some results previews, as always Im still
> not making promess at all and don't expect Indigo/Kerkythea
> competititive images anytime soon. But is just a starting point and
> anyone interested in that direction is also very wellcome to help or me
> collaborate with him.
>   Those kind of render algorithm are not suited for animation (due to long
> render times that cheating could reduce) but definatelly are a good
> choice for stills, arquitectural visualizations, and
> calibrating/referncing rendering algoritms.
>    Volumetrics and Photon mapping projects are ways to add more terms to
> the Blender renderer in order to aproximate the results of the
> rendering equation, a Bidirectional Path Tracer will add the rest of
> the terms :)
>    Since I was a child I have to read several books at the same time
> (well, not the same time, I have not eyes on the neck :) ), I just feel
> very comfortable switching projects because that way my brain rest
> along with the real life activity.
>   For the comming weeks don't expect too much development of my side since
> I will be in the International Event Informatica 2009 that will take
> place in Havana. Where some blender heads are invited too and I'm very
> exited to met them in person.
>   It is my first invited event and I hope to rise up the expectations
> about Blender and make some recomendations of its use in Latin America.
>                                          Cheers Farsthary
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