[Bf-committers] I'd like to help (Brecht Van Lommel)

Alan Randolph tmgarr123 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 18:11:11 CET 2009

I got bounced on this and was waiting on a moderator.  Should have deleted
the rest of the replies...

Sorry I didn't make my self very clearer on the Intel GMA driver.  I
disabled it by loading a Micro@**t generic driver after removing the Intel.
I believe (not certain yet) that the gamma correction and single monitor
settings are the only changes I made.  I really can't remember.  I will test
today after my backup finishes.  I was going to do these test, plus fiddle
around to find the best settings, but wanted a ghost backup first.  Any
suggestions would be welcome.

If you'll point me in the right direction I will give my coding skills a
work out on the font size problem.  I can code in C and Python, though I'm
learning Python 3.  I last coded in ver 2.5.  But, I am willing to work at

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