[Bf-committers] Development plan proposal for after the 2.6 series

Charles Wardlaw cwardlaw at marchentertainment.com
Fri Dec 18 16:42:02 CET 2009

> regarding Charles's idea about a wiki feature/comp, there has been
> http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Ref/Competitor_Analysis
> for years, already categorized. perhaps we could take an item,
> update it for the competitors in that space, and go from there.

That's not a bad idea, although most of those analysis pages are just links
to software (no actual analysis) and many of them are IMO irrelevant to
Blender at the moment.  The rigging page is interesting:


I think that'd be a nice place to begin.  I could write a long list of
things Blender needs to compete, CA-wise (although the Durian team is
knocking items off my wishlist daily, and features like Bone Heat Weighting
are head-of-the-class).  I'd like to see Blender have the ability to oust
Maya in the future, and Modo's recent introduction of  rigging tools paints
an interesting path to accomplish a lot of what I want.  I can elaborate if
anyone's interested.
~ C

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