[Bf-committers] Development plan proposal for after the 2.6 series

Martin Poirier theeth at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 18 00:43:57 CET 2009

--- On Thu, 12/17/09, Goat Man <goatman.py at gmail.com> wrote:

> Python itself needs to go somewhere
> on that long list, not just something
> that will "probably" be used in all those things. 
> Blender still can not be
> controlled well from larger pipelines because it can not be
> automatically
> launched and passed a python script that takes over -
> currently one big
> limitation is not having all the bpy.ops.wm operators
> available to the
> startup script.

All operators should be usable with a correctly defined context (some don't currently work because of the way to interact with the context). But using operators for WM manipulation is certainly not the best way to do it.

All python modules are loaded in background mode now, so it's much better than before already.


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