[Bf-committers] [Bf-blender-cvs] SVN commit: /data/svn/bf-blender [25221] trunk/blender/source/blender: Animation System: Handling Updates

Joshua Leung aligorith at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 03:01:47 CET 2009

Hi Brecht,

Reviewing the changes at last, a few comments:

1) id update stuff
Good idea. With the NLA updates, I don't think much else is needed?

2) wm_data_handle_update()
I don't think the code in here should be part of the WindowManager. Rather,
we need a function like this in blenkernel that anything requesting
large-scale updates (i.e. armature ghosting and similar code which currently
does these updates themselves). If we can do that, then it will become
easier to make sure that all drivers actually do get updated.

There is currently still the scene_update_for_newframe() IIRC, but I think
it does a few extra things which makes it unsuitable for things like the
armature ghosting and other places that do this sort of thing.

On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 7:28 AM, Brecht Van Lommel <brecht at blender.org>wrote:

> Revision: 25221
> http://projects.blender.org/plugins/scmsvn/viewcvs.php?view=rev&root=bf-blender&revision=25221
> Author:   blendix
> Date:     2009-12-08 19:28:09 +0100 (Tue, 08 Dec 2009)
> Log Message:
> -----------
> Animation System: Handling Updates
> * Added ANIM_list_elem_update and ANIM_id_update functions to call when
>  changing animation curves, which will then call the RNA property update
>  functions for those curves.
>  This is to replace just calling DAG_id_flush_update, that may not always
>  be the right thing to do, and doesn't send proper notifiers for redraw.
>  Still only used/usable when transforming in the graph editor, not sure
>  how this do this with NLA for example, .. needs to be improved.
> * Added function wm_data_handle_update function to contain the object
>  update function, and also added scene animation update there. Actually
>  it should be doing all datablocks, this makes it work for sequencer.
> Joshua, do you agree this is the right direction to go in? I can revert or
> change the code if you think it should be done differently. Mainly wanted
> to get this working well for sequencer now.

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