[Bf-committers] 2.5 UI font

GSR gsr.b3d at infernal-iceberg.com
Wed Dec 9 18:25:53 CET 2009

billrey at me.com (2009-12-09 at 0014.49 +0100):
> Three possible solutions I can think of:
> 1: remove horizontal layout - use vertical instead
> 2: keep it as-is to ease transition to vertical
> 3: Implement clever way to make panels 'wrap around' and spill contents into the next panel column
> 4: Use a simple type of 'autofit' to make panels fit into the available space without spilling/splitting panels over multiple columns
> Did I miss any?

5. Provide an horizontal engine, that targets fixed height and
variable width panels (in columns steps). There seems to be horizontal
users, so there should be not problem to get people to help and
maintain the layouts. Even in some case with wide screens, horizontal
mode is good, as currently there are too many vertical areas and eat
work zone quickly.

Automatic systems will always make horizontal second class, with
wasted space or strange column splits, instead of a properly human
controlled layout, just like vertical is. By manual setting things,
buttons can be properly fit to horizontal contraints instead of
reshuffle based in what is inheriting vertical single column and
placing as it comes from vertical related decissions.


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