[Bf-committers] 2.5 UI font

dwarf at free.fr dwarf at free.fr
Tue Dec 8 13:37:55 CET 2009

Hi All,

First, the goal of my firts post was only
to find helpfull tricks and keys to tweak
the UI by myself...

Now, my reply (or attenpt to) to Nathan
(please don't quote or follow if you disagree,
it's useless and time consuming)

Well, i must admit that the new UI, and its
new font look pretty good at a fisrt glance.
I think there are no troubles with my system
or no bug, so it's not really usefull to
post screenshots.

The font is pretty readable if you don't size
downs panels... but this depends on how you
like to organize your layout.

For me, i like large working 3D area and small
buttons windows. So i use to size down panels
at the minimum... and here goes the sun.
It is less less readable, and after 1/2 or 1
our of work, i give up. Too much eyes strain.

I perfectly know that this suits well to most
users, but unfortunatly, not to me.

More thant UI font, i beblieve that the new UI paradigm
(described here
as something wrong and will lead
to design issues or inconsistencys.

With the new design, the horizontal layout
for buttons does not work well, thats
a fact and was planned.

So, new design involves a new kind of layout,
mostly with columns on sides and 3D view in
the middle. That is what i call postNuke-ization
or cms-ization of blender.

What is the effect:
1-Increasing number of vertical bars (properties,
numerics, toolbar) force you too keep only one
(not too big, depend of your screen) working view
in the middle.

2-The headers  have been designed to work in a
horizontal layouts. With new column design, you
constantly have to scrool them left-right to
switch from a context to an other...painful.

just 2 screenshots, it's an attempt to transpose
a 2.49 layout too 2.5
2.49 http://dwarf.free.fr/blender2.5/Capture-4.png
2.50 http://dwarf.free.fr/blender2.5/Capture-3.png

I hope it was clear.
if there are no planned changes... i'll have to adapt myself ;)

Thanks for reading !

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