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Campbell Barton ideasman42 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 15:23:40 CET 2009

To me the problem is that to combine all the tasks to make a final
rig, its is a fairly involved.
if you look at the complexity of Cessens rigs its just insane to try
understand them, even breaking them down to their basic elements.

Cessen and myself recently discussed how we might expose meta-rigging
tools to the user (or even if this is something to be included in
blender long term).

without going into details, this system works by tagging bones as a
preset type arm/finger/spine/leg/... etc, scriptwriters can add new
types by creating files in the package dir.

We will probably have less complicated versions of the Durian rigs too
so people can choose to have a very advanced rig, or if they want to
work with something that has less underlying complexity so they can
better learn from It. thats ok too. - Like other scripts & presets
these can be added/removed along the way providing this system is

- just saying we are not tied to some "blender biped" and that we can
have some mixture of rig types so as not to limit the user too much.
Simple rig types are also useful as templates for people who will want
to write their own.
With a metarig its also trivial to mix types, so say have an advanced
spine with a simple neck and custom arm.

This would mean people who want to animate without being expert
riggers could add a biped meta-rig, adjust it in editmode then
generate the final rig containing constraints, drivers etc.

On Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 11:51 AM, Knapp <magick.crow at gmail.com> wrote:
> Between bone heat and the more advanced sides of bone sketching I
> don't see that being a big problem. The docs for it might be though. I
> did not even know it existed until I found this really great vid.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8U0TJUJxrE
> On Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 11:14 AM, Joshua Leung <aligorith at gmail.com> wrote:
>> +1
>> I'm aware that this appears to be one of the complaints often levelled
>> against Blender's rigging system, namely the lack of any facilities to
>> enable quick reuse of 'presets' or 'prebuilt' rig components.
>> There was a comment I was going to make about this, but I seem to have
>> forgotten what it was...
>> On Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 11:47 AM, Campbell Barton <ideasman42 at gmail.com>wrote:
>>> Was thinking it would be good to have armature presets like
>>> meshes/nurbs/curves in the add menu- these can be defined in python
>>> and work like the mesh menu (Torus is a script in 2.5).
>>> This would mean people can make their own presets. there is a function
>>> in rigify that saves armatures to be loaded back into blender which
>>> can be made into an operator too for users to access.
>>> This will also be good for any meta-rigging systems where you can add
>>> a pre-tagged armature which can have its proportions edited before
>>> generating iks/drivers/constraints.
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