[Bf-committers] GStreamer

Peter Schlaile peter at schlaile.de
Wed Aug 26 20:02:52 CEST 2009


> Someone told me to check gnonlin for that, I guess that's a newer
> gst-nonlin?

> http://gnonlin.sourceforge.net/dev/

I ment gnonlin, my fault. Please check their seeking code nevertheless.

> > * the bundled ffmpeg versions were always a little bit outdated (even
> >    more outdated than the Blender ones :) )
> >

> http://cgit.freedesktop.org/gstreamer/gst-ffmpeg/tree/ffmpegrev

that's what I ment. It seems to be 0.5 stable, which is already a little 
bit outdated... :)
(Doesn't include swscaler changes I got submited recently, e.g. ...)

> #gstreamer:
> neXyon: does gst work without trouble on mac ppc, ie big endian?
> twi_: neXyon:  yes definitely
> __tim: yes

Carefull! The problem lies within libswscaler. So: GST will work 
*perfectly* with Big Endian. But that doesn't mean, that your color 
conversion will work, too...

That can probably be fixed by carefull coding afterwards.

Maybe a better idea is, to get my new plugin system up and running.

After that, you can just write input plugins, that are dynamically loaded 
into blender (and can be controlled within a seperate source tree).

So there could be an input plugin, that uses ffmpeg directly, one that 
uses gstreamer, etc.


Peter Schlaile

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