[Bf-committers] Soft Light, Linear Light blend modes updated, Darken mode fixed

Roland Hess rolandh at reed-witting.com
Wed Aug 26 13:40:46 CEST 2009

I've updated my patch that adds Soft Light and Linear Light blending 
modes, as well as fixes the buggy fading behavior of Darken mode to work 
with 2.5.

Quick refresher: Soft Light is superb for color grading stills and 
animation through the compositor. Linear Light is essential for doing 
effects that rely on a High Pass-style filter. When using darken mode, 
either in material blending or in the compositor, blend values of less 
than 100% tended to go toward complete black (0,0,0) because of how and 
where the percentage was applied during the process. That was incorrect. 
It has been fixed to operate in line with expected behavior.

Demonstration of Soft Light color grading available at:

Not sure who is in charge of blending mode code maintenance these days, 
but this patch is very very simple, and the artistic use is already 
known to anyone who's worked in Photoshop or AfterEffects. I'd hate to 
see all of the wacky stuff show up in 2.5 and have this one fall by the 
wayside for another release cycle. Take you five minutes to look at the 
patch or less. I swear. :D

2.5 Patch:


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