[Bf-committers] bulding Collada SOC branch

Randall Rickert randall at rickert-digital.com
Fri Aug 21 21:25:59 CEST 2009

I'm trying to build the Collada SOC branch, with no luck. I get
something like this:
Compiling ==> 'DocumentExporter.cpp'
In file included
from /home/randall/Development/collada/COLLADAStreamWriter/include/COLLADASWCharacterBuffer.h:17,

from /home/randall/Development/collada/COLLADAStreamWriter/include/COLLADASWStreamWriter.h:19,

from /home/randall/Development/collada/COLLADAStreamWriter/include/COLLADASWElementWriter.h:15,

from /home/randall/Development/collada/COLLADAStreamWriter/include/COLLADASWAsset.h:15,
                 from source/blender/collada/DocumentExporter.cpp:39:
/home/randall/Development/collada/COLLADAStreamWriter/include/COLLADASWitoa.h:102: error: explicit template specialization cannot have a storage class
and after a lot of this, it eventually gives up.

If I clean and set my gcc and g++ back to 4.2 (from 4.4), it complains
about unused variables and comparisons between signed and unsigned ints,
but it eventually dies with this:
source/blender/collada/DocumentImporter.cpp: In member function ‘void
DocumentImporter::import(bContext*, const char*)’:
source/blender/collada/DocumentImporter.cpp:2832: error: cannot declare
variable ‘w’ to be of abstract type ‘Writer’
source/blender/collada/DocumentImporter.cpp:2236: note:   because the
following virtual functions are pure within ‘Writer’:
/home/randall/Development/collada/COLLADAFramework/include/COLLADAFWIWriter.h:122: note: 	virtual bool COLLADAFW::IWriter::writeFormulas(const COLLADAFW::Formulas*)
scons: ***
[/home/randall/Development/build/linux2/source/blender/collada/DocumentImporter.o] Error 1

I'm also not sure how to build the opencollada libs on Linux. There's no
makefiles or useful information in the sources.

Has anyone else tried building this branch on Linux and can offer some


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