[Bf-committers] patch 19239: branches/bmesh/blender face selection similar face selection

Wael EL ORAIBY wael.eloraiby at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 22:23:22 CEST 2009

This patch resolves a bug in the previous one (BM_FACE was misused)
and adds the similar perimeter/coplanar face selection.

A note, for area of the polygons, I am going to fake the area
computation, since polygons can be non planar. An exact solution would
be having the polygons triangulated the same way (like using a CDT)
that guarantee a unique triangulation and that is independent of
rotation/translation and uniform scaling. Of course this requires a
lot of performance, so, we are going to compute the centroid and then
compute the areas of the polygon using triangles around this centroid
(again, we are faking it).

For the similar texture selection, I assume I should use
CustomData_number_of_layers(&bm->pdata, CD_MTEXPOLY), for the moment I
didn't figure it, can someone tell me how to get the texture (ACTIVE
ONE) of a face in bmesh plz?


Wael El Oraiby
Laboratoire MIA
Université de Haute Alsace

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