[Bf-committers] Meeting notes, sunday 16 august 2009

Charles Wardlaw cwardlaw at marchentertainment.com
Mon Aug 17 14:40:16 CEST 2009

> - Lukas will wrap up his work on faster Mesh draw (FBO), needs people
> with ATI to help

We have ATI v8650's with 2 gig of video ram here at the studio.  I'd be
happy to run a few tests if someone can point me at the proper build and let
me know what I should look for, especially since I want to push for 2.5 to
be installed on all machines for the next project.  You can email me at
cwardlaw at marchentertainment.com.

My machine is a Vista Business 64 box, 12 gig of ram, Core i7 at 2.66GHz.

Out of curiosity: it's FBO he's testing, and not VBO?

~ Charles

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