[Bf-committers] Meeting notes, sunday 16 august 2009

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Aug 16 17:58:03 CEST 2009


1) Google Summer of Code

- The official end of the GSoC project is near now.
Students will prepare final presentation for the mentors, so we can 
report back to Google. No dropouts this time, sofar so good!

- Lukas will wrap up his work on faster Mesh draw (FBO), needs people 
with ATI to help

2) 2.49b update?

Still no resolution for issues in Windows... some devs will try to 
allocate time to check on it this week. Comes back later.

3) 2.50 project

- We succesfully migrated to py 3.1. Meeting spent considerable time 
about correct build system for releases... zip or no zip, using blender 
svn to get modules or using standard install. Most likely Windows/OSX 
will get all in svn, and Linux (option for) using system install.

- New audio code integrated, new dependency for Blender is 
libsamplerate. Jorg proposes to also add Jack support, will come back 

- Brecht posted long list with todos, Ton will also go over it and try 
to extract a planning from it, plus a good doc about 'what works', so 
we can open up a tracker for 2.5 feedback.

- UI scripting focus is now on header buttons & menus!

- When to swap swap trunk and 2.5 branch... meeting suggests to 
postpone until a 2.49 update is done.

- 2.5 Game Engine todos: shape keys, properties UI.

4) Other current projects

- Benoit's robotics project progresses still, merger will wait a couple 
of weeks, but target is for september to merge in 2.5

- Joe reports that BMesh progress goes well, it's pretty close to 
things being testable. Subsurf still has issues. Testing builds of this 
branch have to make available still.


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