[Bf-committers] Building blender 2.5 using scons and Ubuntu 9.10 alpha 1

j.bakker at atmind.nl j.bakker at atmind.nl
Thu Aug 13 09:30:01 CEST 2009

Hi all, 

last few days I've tried to compile blender 2.5 on my building machine
(Ubuntu 9.04 and Python2.6). I only want to use distribution packages for
dependencies so did not want to compile python 3.1 from sources. I have
solved this by upgrading the distro to Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 1. These are my

I got additional info from:

After the OS was finished installing, I did:

sudo apt-get install subversion openexr libopenexr-dev build-essential
libjpeg-dev \
libpng12-dev libopenal-dev libalut-dev libsdl-dev libfreetype6-dev
libtiff-dev python3.1-dev \
gettext libxi-dev yasm

sudo apt-get install libframerate-dev

The fix to substitute libtiff-dev with libtiff4-dev was not needed

Then following the instructions on 

I was able to compile and run it. Just have to check if an additional 
cd blender 
is needed before starting scons and creating the symbolic link.

I think it is quite interesting as Ubuntu 9.10 will be released in October
and is used a lot by the blender community.

additional result: this was all done inside a virtual machine based on
(VirtualBox 2.1). Blender 2.5 also ran without any problems from within the
virtual machine. only had some problems on screen resolutions and virtual
3d hardware acceleration between virtual box 2.1 and Ubuntu 9.10.


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