[Bf-committers] [BF-committers] Updating FFMPEG

Peter Schlaile peter at schlaile.de
Sat Aug 8 15:26:57 CEST 2009

Hi Nicolas,

> I've looked into theses, and all are patches targeted to be reviewed
> and merged in ffmpeg upstream.
> No patch seems required to build against distro ffmpeg shared version.

the problem is, that those patches are rejected for one or the other 
reason by ffmpeg folks.

That affects explicitly:

* ffmpeg_accel_bgra32.patch
   I was told, that this special optimisation wasn't generic enough.
   Still wondering, what they ment...

* ffmpeg_work_around_ac3_sse2_crash.patch
   Disables SSE2 in a certain case, haven't submitted upstream, since
   I'm sure, that I'll be told, that we have to fix our compilers.

* ffmpeg_work_around_dv_crash.patch
   Haven't tried to submit. (Don't know, if I have the nerves. Any
   volunteers? This could actually be accepted after a little battle on
   the ffmpeg mailing list...)

* swscale_stride_bugfix.patch
   Was surprisingly accepted after some discussions...

If you have the time, to

a) make those patches appear in ffmpeg upstream


b) set up the suggested build environment, that will work with all our
    build systems even with custom patches by our own *and* without
    messing up the ffmpeg installation of our users

go ahead, be my guest.

And yes: those patches are *requirements* for Blender Sequencer, otherwise 
you'll get *really* slow playback (the color conversion has to be done 
with MMX-optimisations) and/or nasty crashes in DV and AC3 decoding (other 
patches). The reason, why the MMX-optimisation only affects Blender is, 
that no other video application uses BGRA32 for image buffers.

Can I expect you to be the new ffmpeg maintainer, that makes a) or b) 
happen? It's not, that I'm very fond of the job and I'm getting really 
angry, if people start "voting" about technical issues, that simply 
aren't resolved yet. (reminds me of the way, the german government handles 
internet related issues...)


P.S.: Nathan: It would have been nice, if you had first asked me
       directly before starting a large discussion on the list...

Peter Schlaile

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