[Bf-committers] [Bf-blender-cvs] SVN commit: /data/svn/bf-blender [22133] branches/blender2.5/blender/source : NaN makefiles now support and build with precompiled Python 3. 1 by default on Mac

GSR gsr.b3d at infernal-iceberg.com
Thu Aug 6 23:12:17 CEST 2009

jaspermine at ptd.net (2009-08-03 at 0008.24 -0400):
> When I encountered the "No rule to make target '////libfuzzics.a" I  
> edited and ran make without first making clean.
> When I encountered the missing symbols I added the LD flag, and ran  
> make again.  I did not make clean first.
> By doing it the CORRECT way.  Making clean after edits.  I do not  
> encounter the missing symbols and there is no need to add the LD  
> flag.  Stupid me.

make clean is not needed after all edits, just those that change
things required later (or when things have gone really wrong and it is
simpler to let computer work instead of trying to figure what
happened). This looked as one of the cases where it is needed, because
you had disabled game engine at half compilation, and later it was
asking for game related functions. :]


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