[Bf-committers] CAVE like extension for Blender Game Engine

Stefan Zimmermann der.zimmermanns.stefan at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 21 11:51:01 CEST 2009


I already posted this topic to the 'Coding Blender' forum and there I was
adviced to send it to this mailing list:

I'm a computer science student from Germany and I'm currently developing a
new CAVE like Virtual Reality System (spanning 3d environments over several
screens connected to several computers in a network to create a cube around
the viewer or whatever...) for academic research. I started from scratch
using NVIDIA Scene Graph, PhysX and wxWidgets. Well, it works so far, you
can import VRML data, create scenes with the imported objects, define
screens, apply transformations, watch the whole stuff in the 'CAVE' and play
a bit with the 3d objects while running but it's far away from running (and
creating) real applications with logic and interaction and from the
possibility to import complex data with animation and behaviour definitions.

Because of all this will need lot of work and time I recently thought: Why
should I waste so much time reinventing the wheel? We work a lot with
Blender at our department, so why not extend the Blender Game Engine to CAVE
like functionality? Several machines run Blender with the same project, one
is the 'server' running the full application (with logic, interaction,
physics simulation...) and the other machines only apply every change to
their scene graph which the server does (either by using a simple own
protocol like I did for my application or by using a middleware like CORBA
or ICE)...

So here are my questions:

1.) Are there already some ideas or projects relating such things?
2.) Are possibly other people interested in such an extension?
3.) Will the Blender Game Engine have a future (I read about plans to use
OGRE or CrystalSpace with Blender...)?
4.) Are there any good resources describing the Game Engine internals and
where can I find them?

Thanks in advance,


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