[Bf-committers] 2 (new) sequence plugins

Marcel Ibes marcel.ibes at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 21:27:37 CEST 2008


I would like to inform you that I have posted 2 (new) sequence plugins
for Blender in the Patch tracker. They are registered under patch#:

Kind regards,



Details (also included in the Tracker)

Attached are 2 (new) sequence plugins. 

1) checkboard.c:

Provides a checkboard-like transition. The transition can be tuned by a number of parameters:

 * Invert: (boolean) inverts the wiping motion
 * Odd first: (boolean) starts with wiping the odd fields.
 * Horizontal#: (int) number of horizontal checkboard fields.
 * Vertical#: (int) number of vertical checkboard fields.

2) image_wipe.c

The idea of this transition has been copied from Cinelerra. The transition takes 3 tracks as an input. The 3rd track
(use) contains a grayscale image representing the shape of the transition. For example: an image of a gradient-circle
(white to black) transitions the two tracks as an expanding circle.

The image_wipe only has one parameter: 

 * Invert: (boolean) inverts the wiping motion

The wipe_examples.tar.bz2 contains 4 sample images to demonstrate the image_wipe plugin.


Install: copy the two .c files into the "sequence" directory and run make.


Testing: The plugins have been tested on a 64-bit linux machine. I would consider them to be alpha material.


Feedback: I would appreciate to hear if this material has some added value for the Blender project and/or its users.


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