[Bf-committers] Meeting notes: 2.48 plans

Carsten Wartmann cw at blenderbuch.de
Sat Sep 27 11:02:55 CEST 2008


Here are some things I found while writing for the Gamekit #2.


- many of the Python Docs are missing for the BGE, I will make them but 
this costs much time, so I will first write them into Gamekit then add
- finalizing of Reference part after 2.48 release (Softbodies/Physics 
Buttons, Constraint Actuator)
- I am looking for artists/developers who wants to go through the 
Reference part, it is not about spelling (however corrections are 
welcome) but about facts. This can be done using the txt2tags source 
(preferred, very simple markup, python needed) or in a OpenOffice (or 
word) document using the "Track Changes" functioniality, if you are able 
to annotate a PDF that would be also ok
- http://txt2tags.sourceforge.net/
- GK2 is for the end-user, so I had to simplify some things (developers 
documentations), if I did missunderstand some things please tell me.


The game engine bug tracker is still very hidden on the 
projects.blender.org page?

- Near Sensor Reset 
- Paint Mask not working in Texturepaint
- TextWindow: No confirmation message when deleting Text buffers? (and 
no possibility to re-link)
- CD Actuator: Crossplatform? Needs at least a "Property" field for the 
Track number to be usefull. Python functions are quite useless
- No python function for Soystick Sensor to get the Hat position (the 
getHat() function only gets what is indicated in the GUI!) (Ok, was 
discussed but I have no time now to look into it myself)
- Message System  "To:" Fix it or remove it!
- Keyboard Sensor: Get rid from "Hold" Buttons and Python functions? 
They dont work.... (since ages?)

   Good to have

- anisotropic friction (neither the boat racer or the skiing game are 
easy to do with bullet)
- Some FH (like in Sumo) like system would be nice, Ben told me that his 
Distance Constraint could be added with a different algorithm to do this

- Multimaterial providing physical properties (friction, restitute)
- material "splatting" with nodes, deliver the DYN (physical) properties 
according to the settings of the materials
- Delay Sensor, possible to add a Delay in seconds?
- How many performace would it cost to update the collision mesh when 
using shape Actions or Armatures in the gameengine? Maybe as option?
- Property Sensor not accepting properties as value (e.g. Equal Type), 
maybe ALL Value fields should accept Properties
- 2D Filter PER Object possible? (Motion Blur...)
- will the sound system be improved (ogg?) in near future?
- Soundactuator non working functions: start/pause/stop Sound, 
setFilename (also misleading, should be set Soundname), 
setPosition/Velocity/Orientation (what are they usefull for anyhow?)
- Frameprop for IpoActuator? (long wanted feature)
- it would be nice to reload a single library (good for big scenes or 
when you don't want to save/reload smaller changes)
- can we hide "FH" settings in the Materials while using Bullet?


- what is this for: setChannel(channel, matrix, mode=False) in (Shape) 
Action Actuator

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