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bjornmose bjornmose at gmx.net
Tue Sep 16 01:44:23 CEST 2008

Janne Karhu schrieb:
> Revision: 16507
>           http://projects.blender.org/plugins/scmsvn/viewcvs.php?view=rev&root=bf-blender&revision=16507
> Author:   jhk
> Date:     2008-09-13 20:09:41 +0200 (Sat, 13 Sep 2008)
> ....
> To be noted: Only the average velocity of individual deflector faces is used, so collisions with rotating or deforming objects can't be handled accurately - this would require much more complex calculations. Subdividing the deflector object surface to smaller faces can help with this as the individual face velocities become more linear.
> .....
To solve this issues was one of the topics i travelled to the physics 
sprint last year .. sigh :(
No one to blame .. but well .. looks like i was far ahead.
And now, that there are some 'design' decisions are taken by 'need to 
get BBB finished' and ' put some laurel on my head (someone but you was 
yelling for that .. let us cover that with cloth of silence)  ' i am 
going to offer my 'old fart brain' again ..
I'd really like to put the physics sprint to a 2nd edition. I am not 
sure if we should do it with all the paparazzi  around .
Just let me know what you think about a few days of focussed work on 
physics in blender.
final note to all lurkers :
i know bullet has a 'soft body' engine .. looks nice to me .. but does 
not solve any issue we are facing here :)
so much for that

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