[Bf-committers] MSVC compile error in keyframing.c

Andrea Weikert andrea at aweikert.de
Sun Sep 14 19:00:20 CEST 2008


There is a compilation issue with MSVC in latest trunk in keyframing.c 
(Aligorith, I think this is probably your area to check)

MSVC chokes over the initialisation of the struct bKeyingSet, namely the 
initialisation of the adrcodes member.

Here is the part of the code, where I get a syntax error with MSVC:

bKeyingSet defks_v3d_object[] =
	/* include_cb, name, blocktype, flag, chan_num, adrcodes */
	{NULL, "Loc", ID_OB, 0, 3, {OB_LOC_X,OB_LOC_Y,OB_LOC_Z}},
	{NULL, "%l", 0, -1, 0, {}}, // separator  <<<---- not OK

	{NULL, "%l", 0, -1, 0, {0} }, // separator <<<--- OK

The line where it says OK is my attempt to fix that passes through MSVC,
please review and either commit fix or confirm that my fix is fine and 
I'll commit.

- Andrea

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