[Bf-committers] design question

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Thu Sep 11 19:06:47 CEST 2008


Going over all possible users of a random piece of data in Blender is 
very complicated code. It was not part of the original design spec to 
be able to resolve this.
We could store all relations in a dependency graph once or so, should 
not make things slow though.

Best things of the current convention is:
- It doesnt delete single user blocks (materials or so) so you can 
still re-use them. Having them deleted for real could be intrusive.
- It's more stable! Even *one* case when we fail to remove a link will 
cause in fatal errors in Blender.


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On 9 Sep, 2008, at 20:01, José Ignacio wrote:

> Hello blender hackers! i have a question that was in my mind for a
> while: why cant i delete a datablock (material, action, texture, ipo,
> etc) without unlinking it from all the objects that use it (that may
> be many), then saving the blend and reopening it? is there a deep
> design reason for that?
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