[Bf-committers] Volumetrics

echelon at infomail.upr.edu.cu echelon at infomail.upr.edu.cu
Sat Sep 6 14:48:03 CEST 2008

Hi all!

 Recently I have comunicated with Matt Ebb and Daniel Genrich to get
Volumetric branch integrated into blender, and the feedback was awesome!
 Rather than trying (as was my first intention) to develop a full
volumetric code that cover to much areas and then integrate it (that
could lead to unmaintanable code as the project growth , hidden buggs and
a step learning curve for users) its better to integrate first a
simplified but stable and very common used part of volumetrics  as a
first stage, and once it get its way into blender version, in later
version continue adding well tested features, as many big projects gets
done. Matt Ebb has done a rewrite from scratch of the volumetric code to
a more elegant and physic based one (really a BIG contribution since i've
being working in an abstract way that are difficult to understand) and
daniel are willing to help in the physic part of voluemtric simulation,  
although Im quite uninformated now I want to inform that as soon as I get
the electricity power on my house back
 I will readapt my workflow to follow those brilliant minded developers
and friends!

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