[Bf-committers] commit access

Toni Alatalo antont at kyperjokki.fi
Thu Sep 4 22:15:58 CEST 2008

Michael Mayers kirjoitti:

Perhaps a branch for this is a good idea, I'm afraid though that 
technically there is currently no way to give access to a branch only .. 
but I might be wrong there. Of course you can first make a promising set 
of batches for this functionality and eventually get normal commit 
rights (for maintaining that stuff :). Anyway the point I wanted to make is:

> If I cannot get access in a timely fashion I will probably be forced to 
> commit to our own internal svn server. That would really stink because I 
> do want to give back to the community, and it would make merging from 
> trunk a PITB.

AFAIK distributed versioning systems like Bazaar, GIT and Mercurial (hg) 
may solve this problem. And last time I checked they have means to work 
together with SVN too, for example there is a bzr-svn bridge: 

It seemed to me that you can make a Blender Bazaar repo (or however they 
call them), where you can make your changes and from where other people 
can pull your changes, while using the bzr-svn bridge to pull changes 
from the Blender Foundation SVN to your own branch too.
I'm not sure if that really works out perfectly, just quickly inspected 
the possibility in spring for another project and it seemed possible .. 
I think there are other people here who know more (LarstiQ is a bzr dev).

And no I don't mean to start a gigantic 'which distributed versioning 
system is best' nor 'should Blender switch to some distributed system' 
thread, but I do want to point out that they are reportedly practical, 
and by now proven, and can perhaps solve exactly this problem (making a 
custom Blender but still automatically being in sync with BF) -- without 
requiring any changes to BF operations like the svn hosting, even.

Looking forward to what solution is found for this case,
and am really happy to hear that you'll be doing this job!

P.S. need to focus on another project (a game in the real life, that 
starts the day after tomorrow and lasts for a bit over a week..) .. but 
am otherwise also using Blender in our game studio so will get back to 
this when we get back to working on comput games in 1,5weeks.

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