[Bf-committers] commit access

Michael Mayers michael at tweakoz.com
Thu Sep 4 20:29:59 CEST 2008

hi all,

I would like to get commit access for just a specific branch
of blender ( so anything I do will not upset the trunk ).
I will integrating blender as a part of our pipeline in a commercial game 
studio. I will work to streamline it for our production tasks.
If I cannot get access in a timely fashion I will probably be forced to 
commit to our own internal svn server. That would really stink because I 
do want to give back to the community, and it would make merging from 
trunk a PITB.

I will get some paid time to work on this, so it is worth considering !


I intend on using blender as a baking tool in our pipeline,
So I will be focusing on these areas:

1. Artist UI/workflow improvements for baking

2. Bake Automation (eg - bake all normal maps in this scene, bake all ao 
maps in this scene, flush result to image files). This should be available 
from the commandline for use in build automation.

3. Bake Sets (multiple bake targets/configurations, say AO->aomap, 
FULL->fullmap, NRM->nrmmap), etc. - this will be useful for
supporting multiple platforms (say wii and xb360).

4. Baking SSS: This may or may not be possible since it is a camera 
relative effect, but I am going to try it anyway. Im thinking I may move 
the camera per shade sample. I really want a baked SSS look for our 

5. GPGPU based baking for performance.
    AO is the first obvious choice using the stochastic depthmap shadow 
gathering technique.

6. better realtime shader support.
    I need the artist to be able to edit parameters on realtime shaders I 
make. I can't just rely on node based materials being compiled into 
realtime shaders. I need to specify realtime shaders explicitly and have 
an interface that reflects parameters. (eg. the CgFX plugin in maya).
  I also need this information exported into collada.

I may if time permits investigate animation/rigging support for collada 


you can see examples of my past work at




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