[Bf-committers] Removing Python (build option)

Campbell Barton ideasman42 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 06:36:13 CET 2008

For 2.5 we may want to try replacing the BPy API with an operator and
data api (with Blender.* modules for some backwards compatibility),
Discussed with IanWill and he seems positive about trying this

Having both api's run at the same time can be messy (I tried having 2
api's run alongside eachother a before back, while possible its not
ideal IMHO and adds extra work to get them to co-exist).
Being able to compile without Python before the 2.5 freeze means we
can add support for new python integration, optionally including
existing BPy, then remove support BPy once the new integration works.

This patch wont change existing functionality unless you set WITH_BF_PYTHON=0

Are there any problems with applying this patch? - should it wait for a while?

* DISABLE_PYTHON could be renamed to DISABLE_BPY
* This dosnt affect BGE Python api, which can probably be kept in 2.5.
(Also makes Valgrind output way less ugly :-) )
- Campbell

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