[Bf-committers] 2.50 Codebase Question

David Bryant aceone at bellsouth.net
Sun Oct 26 22:50:36 CET 2008

Question #1:
Is Blender going to jump from 2.48 to 2.50?

Question #2:
If new feature patches continue for now to be written by those who submit 
them, they will be compatible with the 2.4x codebase but will they be 
compatible with 2.50 so as to be commited to the new codebase?

Reason for Question:
I want to write a glow shader or glow node for Blender.
All other packages uses shader attributes that acts on a material index 
instead of compositing channels in a post render sequencer fix (as Blender 
does now). It's much faster and targets a specific material index (you can 
easily set a particular color to glow) as I have experienced in other 
commercial packages.

I will still write it for the 2.4x codebase because I need it personally 
but, if I submit the patch for review, will it be rejected because it wont 
fit in with the 2.50 code API?
Maybe the developers want to stick with the current method ?


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