[Bf-committers] Can we get SVN instead of just HTTP?

Stefan Gartner stefang at aon.at
Tue Oct 21 17:26:26 CEST 2008

On Tuesday, 21. October 2008, Timothy Baldridge wrote:
> The problem is that for some reason the SVN client does not support
> HTTP/HTTPS on IRIX. SVN is supported but HTTP/HTTPS is not. I know a
> cert error, this isn't it.  It's something to do with the SVN client
> not compiling the HTTP module right. SSH+SVN would work, but id
> doesn't look like that is open on the SVN server either. Would I need
> a dev account for that, or would my projects.blender.org account work?
> Timothy


I had to recompile subversion and some of its dependencies because of some 
openssl incompatibilities in nekoware. Maybe you're having the same problem?

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