[Bf-committers] Build on Mac OSX 10.5 for i386 with Scons

Jean-Luc Peurière jlp at nerim.net
Mon Oct 13 02:55:04 CEST 2008

Le 12 oct. 08 à 23:47, jmsoler at free.fr a écrit :

>> Which modification ?
>> the scons file is intended for a user installed python, not the
>> system one, and all the reports I have say it works ok.
>> This is mandatory for having builds that works both on 10.4 and 10.5.
>> Os version detection is already done in darwin-config.
> With the current darwin-config.py file I get this error :
> "Compiling ==> 'node.c'
> source/blender/blenkernel/intern/node.c:30:20: error: Python.h: No  
> such file or
> directory"
> If I replace the python version by '2.5', the error disappears but  
> I have to use
> the sdk 2.5.

Ah. that error. You probably have an intel mac with the leopard disk  
with the computer. In this case the python 2.3 install lack some  
files, that are not
found in the system sdk either. The retail leopard seems to be not  
nor if you had a previously installed 10.4u sdk from a 10.4 system. I  
cant test
as I have only a PPC. If you find an universal solution that still  
work for 10.4,
feel free to contribute, several persons tried that.

There is no python sdk, we simply install another python2.5 than the one
already in system. the sdks used are the OS ones.

You can define use_sdk to  false and change line 64 to avoid  
installing  sdk
or python 2.5 in /library. There is a comment explaining that.
  In that case, the python used is the system one and the build will  
only on leopard, and possibly only on your computer, depending of the
configuration. the sdk are used for compatibility and allow 10.3.9 to  
for PPCs while building on 10.4

A point to note, you should always copy the full darwin-config as  
it is not enough to create an user-config with only the changed vars.

the config file is a bit complex, but this is needed to get builds  
that work
from 10;3.9 to 10.5 with either py2.3 or py2.5 on both ppc and intel  
in a single

Jean-Luc Peurière
jlp at nerim.net

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