[Bf-committers] [Bf-blender-cvs] SVN commit: /data/svn/bf-blender [16997] branches/etch-a-ton/source/blender /src/editarmature_sketch.c: Sketching embedding.

Martin Poirier theeth at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 9 22:54:30 CEST 2008

--- On Thu, 10/9/08, Martin Poirier <theeth at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Revision: 16997
> http://projects.blender.org/plugins/scmsvn/viewcvs.php?view=rev&root=bf-blender&revision=16997
> Author:   theeth
> Date:     2008-10-09 22:45:33 +0200 (Thu, 09 Oct 2008)
> Log Message:
> -----------
> Sketching embedding.
> Hold down Shift to embed points inside a mesh (or on a
> mesh, if there's no volume).
> Done by gathering all the ray hits under mouse, sorting by
> depth and using the first two. Eventually could probably use
> hardware based depth peeling. Ray hit method could use bvh
> or some other accelerator too.
> Eventually, will have a mechanism to keep consistent depth
> while painting continuous lines (painting over a partly
> obscured mesh shouldn't jump to the top one).

Demo video here:


NOTE: This branch is not usable for anything other than testing since sketching currently swallows all mouse clicks all the time. Good for me when developing, but that's all.



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