[Bf-committers] ActiveX code rewrite (or request for creating a branch)

Enrico Fracasso enrico.fracasso at email.it
Thu Nov 27 20:00:24 CET 2008

On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 17:10, Marcelo Coraça de Freitas
<mfreitas at ydeasolutions.com.br> wrote:
> Em Ter, 2008-11-25 às 15:46 +0100, H escreveu:
> Just a small question :
> Marcelo Coraça de Freitas wrote on 20081125:
>>     I've rewritten the ActiveX code from scratch for the web plugin.
> ...
>>     Suggested branch name: webplugin.
> Will this branch name also hold the non-ActiveX web plugin code ?  (like
> firefox et.al. :) If not, then could it maybe clash with future firefox
> web plugin code ?
> IMHO it should as for the JavaScript support it will be needed to implement
> IPC.

About the webplugin: the *nix/NPAPI (netscape) version is already
working (32/64bit) on current trunk, with some level of code
protection (AppArmor configuration or execution with a low priv user);
if the win32/ActiveX is working now, we still need a win32/NPAPI (that
is Firefox/Opera on win32 environment) and, if possible,  ActiveX and
NPAPI for win64 architecture.  So webplugin can be a good name for the

About javascript scripting (NPAPI): in order to enable it we need to
do some work both on the webplugin source base (and we can do it
freely, because it is not released yet) and on the blenderplayer
source code: in this case, my idea is to talk to Benoit anyway and to
let him review patches; obviously a separate branch can be useful.


Enrico Fracasso

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