[Bf-committers] Texture fonts in blender

James sheepzilla at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 22:36:47 CET 2008

Ivan Gagis wrote:
> I doubt my problem is because of some blender mechanism to collect 
> unused textures. I create font texture directly via OpenGL API, I do not 
> use any BIF_* functions for this...
> And other reason whay tex GC is not involved is that text labels appear 
> sometimes and then disappear again, while I create font texture only 
> once on blender startup. And I hold the textures in video memory until 
> blender exits.
> What do you think about it?

In that case it seems to definitely be a problem with your 

I should probably clarify, too, that my 'bone of contention' 
with the current text rendering is largely the ugliness of the 
text it renders in pixmap and texture modes (and slowness of 
the pixmap mode) – (all translated text is drawn in these modes).

Good luck in solving your disappearing labels.


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