[Bf-committers] ActiveX code rewrite (or request for creating a branch)

Marcelo Coraça de Freitas mfreitas at ydeasolutions.com.br
Tue Nov 25 15:08:21 CET 2008

Hello there,

    I've just received dev rights in subversion (WOOT! And thanks for
the trust! Honestly! :)). Time to start using it. ;)

    I've rewritten the ActiveX code from scratch for the web plugin.
There are some limitations so far and it's not quite ready for use
(mainly because it requires you to turn your security settings in
internet explorer off to use the plugin in web pages :D) but I'd like to
put it in the subversion somewhere so the blender family can keep track
on the changes.

    So far I'm using our own (Ydea's) subversion as it's a completely
independent code, but it depends on some changes in other areas of
blender code (GPG_ghost, GPG_Application, GHOST_SystemWin32 and
GHOST_WindowWin32 and some python packages).

    The plugin works fine thought
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A_3bVONgSY ).

    I'm in doubt in where to put this code. Wouldn't a branch be more

    Putting it in trunk would require not only those patches to be
reviewed as some more patches as well (I know I'll have to change
GPG_ghost again so I can remove that security issue). We will also
require some major changes to allow scripting (both in Linux and Windows
plugins). We'll require IPC for that and we've even though about using
dbus (yes, in both platforms).

    There is no code for OS X yet, but I believe those will also require
some changes in other blender modules.

    A branch would give us more flexibility to change things across the
blender source in order to implement everything needed for the plugin to
work (it's a quite big project). Other benefit of the branch is that, as
it's insecure code for now, we wouldn't infect blender's trunk with
insecure code.

    Btw: in #blendercoders most devs seems to agree that the branch is
the best option. And I tend to agree.

    If the branch gets approved, may I create it? :)

    Suggested branch name: webplugin.


Marcelo Coraça de Freitas 
Gerente de TI 

Ydea Desenvolvimento de Software LTDA. 
Av. Adolfo Pinheiro, 2338 - Alto da Boa Vista 
CEP.:04734-004 - São Paulo - SP 
Tel.: 55-11-5523-0333
Tel.: 55-11-8685-1429
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