[Bf-committers] Meeting minutes Nov 16 2008

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Tue Nov 18 15:31:48 CET 2008

Hi all,

Here's notes from last sunday meeting:
(cross posted to bf-taskforce list, do 2.5 discussions there!)

1) Current projects

- http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=140982
   (someone interested in improving IK to become "full" Jacobian)
- Ken H works on replacement of Boolean code, with better face  
arrangement. Currently pyhon level only.
- Martin P has update on etchaton:
- Nathan L online render project:

2) 2.50 review issues

- Suggestion is to progress with 2.5 by reviewing and approving design  
docs. These will be sent to bf-taskforce
- Current review doc (with cool diagrams!) for data api:
- Open design topic "Context" and how to handle properties (in  
- Jean-Luc P mentions we need to get a good 'disabled state' for data.  
Reply was to not do it on RNA level, but in the UI layers that use RNA.  
Discussion might continue on bf-taskforce list.
- Operator question: how to treat selection of data? Answer: that's  
"Context". Ideally Context can deliver selected objects/bones/vertices,  
freeing up a lot of code overhead. Python can define own Context,  
replacing such selection lists/callbacks. Is design issue.
- Ton R will work on a doc for proper Operator design/implementation,  
with tutorials
- Design issue: have external control possible over window type/sizes,  
outside .blend
- Tom M suggestion: check other API's too? Like
- Another review issue: drawing will become *entirely* in backbuffer,  
with "ARegion" rects drawing in a fixed order, with compositing in  
layers possible. this will (in future) be extensible using  
draw-to-texture or memory, and buffer those for fast redraws, also  
allows managing overdraw layers and fancy effects.
- We should not forget translation!

3) Trunk freeze?

- Brecht merged trunk into 2.50 branch, went relatively painless
- Proposal is not to freeze all, but first freeze work on  
source/blender/src and later most of source/blender/
- Tom M proposes to define which branches first get in trunk before  
doing it.
   Candidates animsys, sim_physics, SoC sculpt, projection paint, ...
- No decision yet, will come back on agenda

4) 2.50 todo list and plans

- Ton wants to go over history of commits in 2.5 branch first, cleaning  
up and getting the big picture again.
- This should result in good doc and proposal to freeze specs for WM,  
Event/Operators, Editors design
- Yes, docs docs docs! And tutorials!
- Brecht's RNA is ready for review. If approved, will mean work for  
- Also doc needed on code layout, and naming conventions


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Blender Institute BV  Entrepotdok 57A  1018AD Amsterdam The Netherlands

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