[Bf-committers] For the record: the Blender Render Deamon!

Timothy Baldridge tbaldridge at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 20:16:20 CET 2008

Sockets are supported in Windows, and as far as I know, pipes are as
well. If we were to program a renderfarm in Python all the socket
stuff would be abstracted away from us. I'd really recommend taking a
look at Rpyc http://rpyc.wikidot.com/ as it allows python interpreters
to call each other across a network very easily. For instance,
printing hello world on a remote computer is as easy as:

import rpyc
c = rpyc.classic.connect("remotemachine")
c.modules.sys.stdout.write("Hello World!\n")

I'm interested in coding an official blender renderfarm, either in
C/C++ or Python. I'm not really working on any hobby projects at the
moment, so if someone wants to write down some ideas (perhaps we need
a brainstorm session). I can formulate them into a project proposal,
and get coding...


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