[Bf-committers] Patch for 3DConnexion Blender Plugin (NDOF)

Christian Bayer christian_bay at gmx.de
Sun Nov 9 16:32:35 CET 2008


I do not know if the NDOF-Plugin by 3DConnexion was commited upstream to the 
Blender tree or its branches. The developer of the plugin, Ettore Pasquini to 
whom I submitted this patch beforce told me to submit it here, too.
He no longer works for 3DConnexion but forwarded my patch to them, thatswhy he 
is not the one to adress..
Is this plugin in the tree/are there any plans to include this plugin with 

Christian Bayer

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> Hello!
> I have some corrections for your Blender plugin which improve the  
> COM interop compatibility. The string argument for  
> LoadPreferencesName() must be a BSTR  according to the API specs and  
> the COM defaults and the KeyDown() argument keycode has to be type  
> of long, not int for the same reason. Is this plugin already in the  
> upstream Blender development tree? Should I better submit my patch  
> there?
> Btw: Did you have this annoying "Assertion failed" MessageBox in  
> debug mode, too?
> Greetings,
> Christian Bayer
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