[Bf-committers] Submitted: [#17958] Windows path fix for image_edit.py script.

Jos'h Fuller oofoe at rocketage.org
Fri Nov 7 14:28:09 CET 2008


Nobody's email address (except this one) is listed on the Maintainer's 
page, so this patch is specifically addressed to Campbell Barton who is 
listed as the original author of the script. However, I hope anyone who 
has an interest will check it out!

I was not able to use Adobe Photoshop CS to edit textures externally 
with Blender UV/Image editor -- it wouldn't start properly with the 
image to edit. The text field was also too small to contain full Windows 
path to Photoshop. These same problems would probably also apply to any 
other non-default image editing program on Windows.

I have not tested this patch on Linux -- I don't have any Linux machines 
to test on. This is the first patch I've submitted, so if there is some 
detail I've overlooked, or something else I should have done, please 
don't hesitate to let me know!

Thank you,


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