[Bf-committers] Web Plugin :: Python Sandboxing, Command Line Arguments and ActiveX

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Nov 2 12:18:16 CET 2008


Reminder to py team: got time for sandbox code reviews?


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On 28 Oct, 2008, at 13:51, Marcelo Coraça de Freitas wrote:

> Hello there,
> 	I think it's time to send some information about the web plugin
> development being done by our team.
> 	First, thanks to Adèle Ribeiro the python sandbox can now be enabled 
> by
> the -S command line option in blenderplayer (see ticket #17836). 
> Please,
> bf gurus, send us some feedback on this.
> 	Other thing she is finishing up right now is another command line
> option, -P, that is to be used by the Web Plugin to pass arguments to
> the python engine. I am aware of the sys.argv in sys module but as sys
> is a insecure package we are not using it. We could also implement
> something like GameLogic.argv but we where not sure about changing
> already existing modules so we decided to put it elsewhere. A patch
> should be submited today.
> 	Now about the ActiveX plugin. I'm trying to implement the same 
> approach
> used in the Linux plugin (ie, forking the process sending the window id
> to blenderplayer). I'm not anywhere close yet, so if you guys have any
> consideration PLEASE tell me.
> 	There is one good thing though. I've found out that Video Lan Client
> has an ActiveX controll that is built using gcc's cross compile 
> feature.
> I'll take a look at their codebase before starting as working in linux
> to release a binary to windows is our most prefered way of doing 
> things.
> 	I've waited 'till now to send this e-mail due to the later releases.
> Regards,
> --
> Marcelo Coraça de Freitas
> Ydea Desenvolvimento de Softwares Ltda
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