[Bf-committers] 2.5/Durian Winter Camp

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Nov 2 11:13:23 CET 2008

Hi devs,

The Amsterdam institute for Network Cultures 
(http://networkcultures.org) contacted the BF, they offer to sponsor a 
week "Sprint" for developers. They will provide 8-12 people with travel 
expenses and a (shared) hotel room for the week. I assume dinners are 
not included, but that's for later to decide. :)

Dates: Monday March 2 - Sunday March 8, 2009

It will be organized in "Studio K", the cosy venue where we've had the 
BBB premiere. They've invited about 10 (open source) organizations in 
total, you can expect a lively evening program and several cross-over 
opportunities. (Don't know yet who the others are though).

To me it seems a great occasion to get developers together on topics we 
usually can't spend much time on. Topics for sessions could include 2.5 
followups and 2.5 UI implementation/design, Python API redesign, next 
gen animation tools, and optionally even targets for the next open 
movie "Durian".

Obviously this only will work when we can get the core developer team 
to come over. I think it's well possible to get them paying for 
far-away visitors, like from the americas and asia/pacific.

When things get more solid - I still have to find out the full scope 
and budget - I'll mail again to this list. Some feedback on the topic 
is welcome here now. And mark this period in your agendas!



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