[Bf-committers] [patch] To correct the current problems with Window 98

Simon Clitherow aphex at nildram.co.uk
Thu May 29 21:09:36 CEST 2008

I posted a comment on the patch tracker about this, but will post here 

I managed to get hold of a laptop with win98 here. I've tested the 
official binary and my own builds.

The problem isn't *just* SHGetFolderPath(). We need 3 things to fix it:

1) Link with shfolder.lib before shell32.lib to get the function working 
on win98. I missed this from my commit - will add it now.
2) Compile with *at most* MSVC8(?)... I have a feeling the official 
binary used VC9, which must do something extra that tells win98 it can't 
run the binary.
3) There is another dependancy (but not a huge one)... Win98 users need 
to have at least IE4 installed (which will provide the necessary 
shfolder.dll). I don't think this will cause a problem :)


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