[Bf-committers] windows installer significant issue?

Simon Clitherow aphex at nildram.co.uk
Mon May 26 21:33:43 CEST 2008

Nathan Letwory wrote:
> Until then, I hope Simon can shed some light on the workings of the 
> Windows installer.
> /Nathan

I'll try... :)

The changes made allowed installing to 'Current User' or 'All User' 
instead of the previous 'Current User' only.  I also removed the 
hard-coded "%PROFILE%\Application Data\" path which was never correct on 
non-english windows.

Andrea pointed me to Alexander's comments and I've got to say they were 
very helpful!

The installer logic is flawed and blender also isn't a *true* multi-user 
application yet.  It only has the concept of a single 'home' location - 
it doesn't know to override with 'current user' even if there is no 
.blender folder for it yet.

In the short term, I'll disable 'All User' option. The installer will 
then revert to the previous behaviour (albeit with correct localized 
appdata path).

For blender to be a true multi-user application, IMHO, it would need to 
automatically switch it's home from 'All User' to 'Current User' when 
saving user defaults (this changing of home locations is a totally new 
concept for blender) and then somehow set (override? concatenate?) the 
python script path in .b.blend with the 'All User' path so it is able to 
load default scripts + user added ones? Is that even the right approach?

Quite frankly, it makes my head spin! :)


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