[Bf-committers] Petition for better fine tuning sliders

trip somewhere trip0o at gmail.com
Thu May 22 16:45:37 CEST 2008

A lot of slider adjustment features require very fine adjustments at
the float level for small adjustments. But a lot of these sliders
default from 0 - 10
For example Particles Hair adjustment RoughE, to get any fine control
of layout 0 - 1 is fine, but it's far to easy to over drag the slider
to say 2 or higher and see useless crazy results. So getting real
control is constantly re clicking and retyping in a value or changing
a number.
Also if you do drag it to try and get floats between 0-1 it puts a lot
of strain on the hand trying to make ittybitty pixel sized movements.

I see Shift+ctrl jumps to .10s+ but these are not enough and their
still pixel sized movements. I purpose that Shift clicking these
sliders change the slider into a slider value that between the number
your currently at and that of a one higher number.

So It starts on 0 and Shift click and drag changes it to 0 - 1 for the
entire slider until shift and click is let go.

And in the case of 10, 9 - 10

Does this make sense? I hope I wrote it correctly.

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